A Nice Surprise

Good Afternoon 🙂

I hope you all had a good weekend and that it didn’t rain too much, of course it started to rain when I didn’t think to bring a coat with me. xD I do hope the sun ☀️ comes back though as I bought some new sunglasses over the weekend and I need to test them out. 😂

When I got into work I had a lovely surprise waiting for me on my desk, a work colleague of mine found these freebie cross stitch kits and thought I would like them. She said that I was better off having them as they’re just sitting in her house collecting dust, which was very sweet of her. As you know I’ve already stitched the mouse Christmas cards but I’m looking forward to stitching them again as I think they’re super cute! I love the colours of the metallic threads so I can’t wait to give the quick-stitch Christmas cards a go.


I’m slowly but surely working through the little card cross stitch, I didn’t think it would take me this long but it has! xD She’s almost finished though, she just needs a mouth (very important) and some braids in the form of French Knots coming out of her hair buns. That hopefully shouldn’t take me too long to do and then she can be mounted to the card and given away. 🙂


I know it’s only Monday but I hope you all have a good rest of the week whatever you’re doing, whether it’s working, looking after little ones or frantically trying to finish off projects (like me) before their deadlines.

Emz xxx


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