Rose WIP

Good evening 🙂

Dunno about you but I’ve just about recovered and stopped melting from the heat wave that Britain had the beginning of the week. Due to the weather I haven’t done much this week as I have been too hot but I have been working on the small rose cross stitch. As you can see I’ve added some more pink so its starting to look more like a rose now. 🙂


It shouldn’t take me too long to finish it and with the weather being a bit cooler I can focus on my bigger projects. 🙂 I haven’t touched my secret stitch at all this week and must get back to it if I’m going to finish it in time for Christmas!

Did you guys manage to work on any projects in the heat? Any tips on how to keep cool just in case we get another heat wave? xD Hope you all have a good remainder of the weekend. 🙂

Emz xxx


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