Too Early or Too Late?

Good Afternoon πŸ™‚

Wooo it’s almost Friday! 😊 I seem to be on fire with this crafting business. πŸ˜‚ Monday I started on the campervan cross stitch and it’s almost finished already! Just need some wheels, windows and snow, add in some backstitch and it’ll be ready to be made into a card. 


Last night I finally made these guys into cards, they’ve just being sitting in my craft box for a few months so I thought it’s about time I did something with them. I think they look pretty great but perhaps I’m being a bit late with making all these Christmas themed stitches. Or am I being too early as it is onky February. πŸ˜‚

I haven’t worked on Cookie Bear this past week so no update there but I will an update next week. 😊

Hope you all have a good end of the week. 😊

Emz xxx


3 thoughts on “Too Early or Too Late?

  1. ivyjade234 says:

    Well Christmas is a long way away but I really like doing small little cards as they don’t take much time and are just nice for a little break from the big stuff. But anyway I love how the two cards look and I also can’t wait to see how the other card turns out too.

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