All My WIP

Good Afternoon 🙂

In my last post on Wednesday I mentioned that I have written a list of all the projects I’ve started or need to start, was quite surprise at how long the list was, didn’t think I had that many! xD I thought the list would help me clear my head and maybe actually help with stitching them. The pictures below are of all the projects I have started and I am determined to finish them before the year is out -yes I know its only January- and also try and get through as much of the list as possible. 🙂 With the small projects like the cocktail one, which I can make into cards, I thought I would do those on my breaks and lunch at work as they are only small and work on the bigger ones at home. Hopefully that will help move the projects along as well as having a bit of variety each time I stitch so that I don’t get bored of working on the same project each time.

I’m also hoping with showing you guys these pictures it will spur me on to complete these as I can’t let you down! I am determined to blog at least once a week the progress I have made with these projects and you will be my witness to help me in that goal. xD

Hope you are all having  a good weekend so far. 😊

Emz xxx



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