Christmas Candle Presents

Good afternoon 🙂

How are we all today? We’re half way through the week. 🙂 

Two weeks ago I posted about making pillar candles as a present for a family member and I just thought I would show you all how they came out. 🙂 

I don’t think they came out too bad if I do say so myself. 😀 During the process I discovered some new tips that might help you if you want to try your hand at candle making. So instead of using washing up liquid in the mould to help get the candle out, I used sunflower oil, which had the same affect. I also read that putting it in the fridge helps it shrink a little and pop out. 

Weekend just gone they were given away and very well received. 🙂 Within an hour of them being unwrapped they were burning away as we ate our roast dinner. 

Hope you all have a good rest of the day. 😊

Emz xxx


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