Last Christmas Card

Good Evening Again! 😀

I was going to post just the once tonight but I’ve been meaning to blog about my recent stitch projects. I finished my final Christmas cross stitch card on Christmas Eve, cut it a bit close but I did it! Doesn’t he look super cute with his ice skates? I originally wasn’t going to stitch him as there was yellow thread missing from the kit that was for his scarf, however I decided it doesn’t have to be that exact colour of yellow and so I used some gold metallic thread that I had left over from my motifs. I think it looks better, adds a bit of sparkle to the stitch. I’m also super happy with the French knots, they look really good and I seem to be getting better at them. 🙂 Now I was going to make the polar bear into a card and blog the finished results on here but I was about half way down the M25 when I realised I left everything I needed to make him into a card in the flat and it was a bit late to turn back. He will be made into a Christmas card but he’ll just have to wait till the holidays are over and I head back to the flat.


I also wanted to show you how I was getting along with my colour in cross stitch that I started earlier on in the year. Not gotten very far with the colouring in bit but I think it looks great so far, I had put it in a safe place when I was moving home from university for the last time and I’ve only just found it. xD It should be finished soon though I hope.


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

Emz xxx


3 thoughts on “Last Christmas Card

    • emzcraftycreations says:

      Thank you 😊😊 so glad I finished him before Christmas. My Christmas was great, I mainly spent it working on my colour in cross stitch and spending time with my family but I’ve made a list of all my stitches so hopefully I’ll be more organised with my stitches and get them finished. Hope you had a good Christmas! 😊🎄


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