Christmas and Jar Candles

Good evening! πŸ˜€

Last weekend (17th and 18th) I tried something new in that I tried my hand at making a pillar candle and a candle in a jar like Yankee Candles make. I don’t think it went too bad, made a couple of mistakes but thats the learning process for you. The process for both is just the same as it is for when I posted my ‘How to make candles’ post just the things the candles are made in are different.

For the jar candle I washed and used an old coffee jar, but any type of jar can be used. First off I had to stick the wick into place inside the jar, this is the only tricky bit. You have to thread the wick through the wick clips and clamp it shut using pliers so that wax doesn’t get through it -be careful not to catch your fingers instead of the clips- then with the double sided adhesive stick the clip to the bottom of the jar. Make sure its centre, then wrap it round a rod or pencil and you’re ready to add melted wax into your jar. Don’t forget if your jar has a lid not to fill the jar up to the top with wax if you still want to use the lid. I decided for this candle to make it yellow and to add coconut scent to it, to remind me a little bit of summer.

For the pillar candle I bought a new mould off Amazon, a family member loves these types of candles and so I thought it would be a nice present to make them instead of buying them. Before I give them to her though I did a trial run first so that if I made any mistakes I would make them then and not with the final product. Good thing too as I did make some mistakes, I forgot to add some washing up liquid to the sides of the mould so the candle was really hard to get out once it had set hence why it doesn’t look so good out the mould. To make them extra Christmasy I also bought some mulled wine fragrance oil but the fragrance doesn’t really release while this candle was burning so I think next time I will have to add more than it says. Again you thread the wick through the hole at the bottom of the mould and seal it with mould sealer, wrap the end of the wick around a rod to keep it straight and centre and then pour melted wax into the mould, adding any colours or fragrances of your choice.

I’m going to make some more jar candles and try again with the pillar candle, hopefully they’ll go a bit better. I’m going to add loads more fragrance oil to the wax as well as try and make them different shades of red before I wrap them nicely and give them away.

Emz xxx


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