WIPs – Christmas Cards and Motifs

Good evening 🙂

As much as I love this time of year I can’t help but wish it wasn’t so cold when I get up in the mornings. Brrrrrr.

In order to help with the cold I’ve been busy making Christmas cards and motifs among other things. I finished Fizzy moon and stuck him onto the card he came with, think he looks really cute. 🙂 The recorder and penguin I had made sometime ago and I thought it was about time I made them into cards.

I’ve finished three out of the four motifs I’m planning on making and they don’t look too bad if I do say so myself. They were fairly easy to make, just cut the card to the size you want and then stick the stitches on with double sided tape. I really love the ribbon but I think for the bauble one, its a bit to short so once I’ve made up the fourth I’m going to see how much I have left and possibly change it.

I only have three card stitches left to stitch and those along with two already completed to make into cards and then thats all of them completed! Yay! I’m pretty sure I will get them completed before Christmas but the problem is I sort of don’t want to give them away. xD I know the whole point of cards and motifs is to give them away but I just think they’re so pretty that I wanna keep them all for myself. xD

I also haven’t made a start on the big Christmas project that I bought all the materials for in September. It says it only takes 35 hours to stitch so its technically possible to finish it before Christmas but I’m not too sure. We’ll just have to stitch and see. 🙂

Emz xxx


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