I’m Not Going Mad Cross Stitch Edition

Good Evening 🙂

I worked out this morning that I wasn’t going mad last week when I spoke about being in The World of Cross Stitching and posting it on here. I had in fact talked about it on Facebook hence why I couldn’t find any posts about it on here. xD I was lucky enough to get sent some free gifts for being featured in their magazine, which was a nice surprise. 🙂


So I seem to have this habit where I don’t finish off projects before I start new ones. xD The evidence of that this week is that I haven’t added to my Fuzzy Moon cross stitch or my reindeer and started/finished new stitches. Not sure if you can tell from the first one but I’ve started my snowman, the threads I’m using at the moment are white and cream so they’re a bit hard to see in the picture. The second one is my Boofie Christmas card kit one and the third I started last Christmas and didn’t get round to finishing, its almost finished, just need to backstitch the tree and I think frame it and its done. 🙂

This week I also made some motifs to stick on labels for presents. 🙂 They are fairly quick and easy to make, I love the metallic thread, makes it extra Christmasy. Got them free with one of the Christmas edition of World of Cross Stitching last year but I’m sure you can buy them online or in a craft store.

The metallic thread does look pretty but it can sometimes be a bit fiddly to use and thread through the needle compared the normal thread. When picking up the green booklet with some Christmas designs in to do, the hedgehog and bauble fell out. Completely forgot I made them last year, they’re all ready to be made into cards. 🙂

Hopefully next week I will actually make the completed stitches into cards and finish off the ones I started last week and this week. xD

Happy stitching 🙂

Emz xxx


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Going Mad Cross Stitch Edition

    • emzcraftycreations says:

      Thank you 🙂 he is super cute but was quite difficult to stitch as its mainly all backstitch but I just had to do him. 🙂 I just can’t seem to help myself, I seem to always be starting new projects before I finish the ones I’m already doing.


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