Birthday Shopping

Good Evening 🙂

I can’t remember if I told you guys but a week and a half ago was my birthday, where I went home. I was very kindly given some money and of course I went to Hobbycraft and spent some of it, no not all of it. xD I have so many projects already on the go that I shouldn’t have bought more cross stitching stuff but I couldn’t help it! I only bought the materials for one project, mum wouldn’t allow anymore than that. xD I think I’m allowed though to buy it seeing that it is a Christmas themed project. 🙂

I also bought some window cards so that I can make my Christmas stitches into Christmas cards. 🙂 The Aida however is not from Hobbycraft incase you were wondering, its from Lakeside Needlecraft, which is a great website as it has all your cross stitching needs if you can’t find it anyway else. 🙂

I’m rather excited about this one as it will involve using things which I haven’t used before. 🙂 This project involves using a really pretty coloured blue Aida along with metallic thread and using beads with a beading needle. So this should be a fun and new project to undertake. 🙂

Shall hopefully be starting it soon along with my other Christmas projects, cannot believe how quickly this year is going.

Emz xxx




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