Good Evening 😊

I thought you might like to see what I am now working on seeing that I’ve finished Somebunny to love. 🙂 So I am still working on my colour in cross stitch, I’ve decided I want to try and make it as colourful as possible! 🙂 As you can see I’ve decided to do the leaves in different colours of green but I’m not sure what other colours to use.IMG_4357

I have also started stitching one of the flower card kits my nan gave me. This one is foxgloves and I think it looks really pretty already. I really like this one as its different to what I’m use to, instead of using one colour for one part of the project, you use several different coloured threads at once. The lighter pink is made up of cream and light pink thread and the darker pink is made up of two different shades of pink. 🙂 I think its pretty cool as flowers in real life aren’t just blocks of one solid colour. Also what was a bit odd is that you don’t start in the middle like you normally do with cross stitch, it tells you to measure 4cm in and 2cm up so I had to go find my ruler. Should have it finished soon though and make it into a card for someone special. IMG_4359

The other day I came across some cross stitch phone cases I made from a kit I bought ages ago however I no longer have the phone they fit. So it got me thinking of whether there are kits for the phone I have now and sadly there aren’t any. 😦 However, I did find a case woven like Aida on eBay so of course using my boyfriend’s account I bought it and I was going to do my own design as I have a lot of thread and needles but I found this really cool one online which I am going to stitch instead. I have two of the colours in the pattern already and I have plenty of similar colours to replace the other three. 🙂 I shall make a start on it soon, might make it my project of the month although I seem to have quite a few on the go at the moment. xDIMG_4381

Those are my WIP and they’ve helped me relax these pass couple of days as tomorrow is my last ever exam at university and boy am I nervous. :S My friends and family keep telling me I’ll be fine and that I’ll do great but I can’t help but worry. I’m very good at that, worrying. XD

Well I had better get to sleep seeing that my exam is at 9:00am and is three hours long. Wish me luck! 🙂

Emz xxx




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