Somebunny To Love Update

Good Evening Everyone 🙂

Just a quick post as I wanted to show you all that I have finished all the backstitching for my somebunny to love project. 😀 Its amazing how it can make such a difference to a project, it looks so much better and sharper. 🙂 She is now only a few French Knots away from being finished and then I shall try my hand at framing, which I have never done before.IMG_4331.JPG

I’m slightly sadden by the fact that I have almost finished this project as I really enjoyed stitching and creating her but I do have a long list of projects to start once I have finished this one. 😂

Well I had better be going to bed, what with my first exam only a week away I need all the beauty sleep I can get. 😴 Sweet dreams and happy stitching.

Emz xxx


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