Spring Time Stitch Cards

Good Afternoon 🙂

As you know from last night’s post I’ve been super busy with university work but that hasn’t stopped me from stitching some mini stitches that I bought over Easter and making them into cards. Making cards is super easy. All you need to do is cut away any loose thread on the back of your project, have double sided tape, scissors and card. The cards I’ve used have windows but you can buy cards without windows if you want to stick your stitches on the front. 🙂

First of all what I do is compare the colours of the stitch to the colour of the card to see if it goes. I also cut any long pieces of thread and cut the aida to fit the inside of the card.IMG_4288

I then position the stitch inside to make sure I’ve cut away enough of the aida and to get a rough guide of where I want to stick it in place. 🙂IMG_4289IMG_4290

Once I’m happy that it fits and looks good, I cover the bit of card that has the window in double sided tape. I read somewhere once that suggested glue and yes you can do that but over time the glue will affect your project which will be a shame after all your hard work.IMG_4291

I take the backing off the tape, double check I’m happy with where the stitch will be positioned (this sometimes requires me to restick it a few times) and then I press it down. I add a little bit more of the tape on the edges of my stitch so that theres as much tape as possible for the left side fold of the card to stick to. You then simply fold over the left side fold, pressing hard, making sure all the tape is stuck.IMG_4292

And there you have it, a simple cross stitch card. 🙂 Now the challenge is to work out who you’ll give them to or will you keep them for yourself? xD I do love the flower ones, makes me think of summer even if the weather outside has other ideas.

Happy card making 🙂

Emz xxx


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