Dissertation Hand In Day!

Good Morning Everyone πŸ™‚

So today’s the day. The day I hand in my dissertation if you hadn’t already guessed from the heading. xD I can’t believe it, this time last year I was sorting how what my project title would be and who my supervisor would be and today I’m handing in my finished work. There have been some tough and stressful times but I’m quite proud of it. πŸ™‚ I was really nervous about binding it cos I had spent so much time on it and used a friend’s printer to print it, I didn’t want to mess it up on the last hurdle but it was fairly easy to do. My project is focused on Crime Scene Investigators contaminating a crime scene and looking at Miscarriages of Justice. I find it really interesting subject and sadly contamination can still happen in forensic science today.Β 

As well as handing two bound copies I also have to present a poster at a conference after Easter, summarising my entire project onto one A0 piece of paper. xD That sounds easy enough, summarising 9,459 words, 66 pages into a twenty minute presentation.

General Tips:

  1. Start writing it as soon as possible, it may seem like you have loads of time but your deadline while soon catch up.
  2. Email your supervisor as much as possible, even if its over the smallest thing, they’re there to help.
  3. Have someone whose not doing the same subject as you to read through it to see if they understand it and they can notice grammar mistakes.
  4. Read through it before you print it.
  5. Read through it after its printed to check for lay out mistakes.
  6. Print and bind it a few days before it’s due incase something goes wrong.

If you have any questions regarding my dissertation or university in general then don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll try my best to answer them. πŸ™‚ My friends and I are going out tonight to celebrate handing in our projects, which should be fun. Hope you all have a good day. πŸ™‚

Emz xxx


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