Colour in Cross Stitch Update

Hello 🙂

So look at what I’ve just finished! Doesn’t it look so cool? Well I think it looks pretty cool. 😀 It does look quite pretty with just the black cross stitches but I think I’m going to add some colour. The flower I definitely want to ‘colour in’ but I’m thinking that will be the only bit, who knows? Theres not chart to follow now, its completely up to me. xD

Whatever I do decide I can’t wait to have it framed and hanging on my bedroom wall, I think it will look amazing once its framed. 🙂  And now I’ve complete the black stitches of this one and have stocked up on black thread I can start working on the other three colour in cross stitch designs that I have. 🙂 Sadly not now though as I have to go to bed as I have a two hour lecture at 9:00am tomorrow. 😦 I swear they should be illegal. xD

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Emz xxx


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