Not Thinking About That Marriage (P2) – Fanfiction

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Two posts on one day?! Aren’t I a nice person? xD I thought as well as teach you guys how to make soap I thought I would also post up the second half of my fanfiction -Not thinking about that marriage- because I thought it was a bit mean to leave you guys hanging. xD This is related to the first part so you may want to go and read that part first, however this second part is not related to any episode in any series of Hawaii 5-0. xD Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

Emz xxx


One Month Later

“You are a complete and utter idiot, you know that!” Danny practically yelled not really caring if the nurse came back in to tell him to be quiet or leave. Steve just rolled his eyes in response

“Yes, Danny. You’ve been saying that from the moment I got shot till now when I’m sitting in this nice comfy hospital bed and no longer bleeding out.” The rest of the team snorted from where they were sitting at the back of the room, but when Danny sent them a look they tried and failed to make their faces go blank.

“And now because you’ve gone and gotten yourself shot we’ve missed our dinner reservations. Do you know how long it took me to get those? A month, Steven! A month! And now we can’t go because you have a hole in your leg!” That fact that Danny made them the evening after talking to Lori in the car had nothing to do with it at all…

“You would think he would be more worried about Steve being in hospital than missing some dinner reservations.” Kono staged whispered to Chin and Lori who did their best not to burst out laughing. “Don’t think I didn’t hear that, Kalakaua.” Danny warned.

“Danny” Steve said averting Danny’s attention from Kono. “We can always book again and we’ll go there some other time. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“Of course you wouldn’t see what the big deal is.” Danny argued back, arms waving around “you’re not the one who was going to propose to his boyfriend.” Danny shut his eyes as a chorus of “What?” ran through the hospital room – he had said that last bit out loud didn’t he?

Danny opened his eyes to find Chin and Kono smiling, Lori looking confused and, Steve just sitting there with shock written across his face. “Yes” Danny said, pulling out the little black box that had been sitting in his pocket, burning a hole all day.

“I, Daniel Williams, was going to ask you, Steven J McGarrett, to marry me.” Danny opened the box to reveal two simple, gold wedding rings. “But of course you had to play Super SEAL and ruin my–”

“Yes” Steve interrupted, his face splitting into a wide grin. After a moment of disbelief, Danny returned the grin before slipping the ring onto Steve’s finger and kissing him senseless, causing Kono to give a little squeal.

Okay, so maybe a hospital room might not have been the most romantic place to propose to someone but, to Danny, it felt perfect. That was until Lori blurted out “You guys have been dating? Since when?” Pulling back, Danny didn’t need to turn his head to know Kono was rolling her eyes when she replied with

“And you’re a profiler how?”


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