Hey 🙂

No don’t worry I haven’t misspelt VIP xD WIP means Works In Progress in the cross stitching world. I thought today I would share some of the projects I’m currently working on in hopes of me being inspired to finish them off and maybe inspire you guys to take up cross stitching or finish your own crafty creations 😉 after seeing how cool and pretty mine are going to be when they’re finished. I do like cross stitching but sometimes I feel I can’t stitch fast enough to get to the end results. xD

My first WIP is from the World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 232 and is called Somebunny to Love designed by DMC Creative World. Isn’t she so cute already?! I just love the colours that are used to stitch her. I haven’t much left to do, just need to finish off her skirt, give her feet and a grassy background and then back stitch the whole thing. xD It shouldn’t take too long to finish her, just depends on how much Uni gets in the way. Sadly at the moment that is more important than cross stitching. 😦 I just think she looks so cute and as soon as I saw her in the magazine I knew I had to stitch her.

My second WIP I would say is pretty cool. Its by Sheena Rogers and you can buy it from SheenaRogersDesigns. Each pack comes with two patterns, there are five packs to pick from. You have to buy your own material and thread but I think the packs are pretty cool. Its basically a colour in by cross stitch, you stitch the outline of the design in black thread and then ‘colour it in’ with what ever threads you may have left over from other projects. 🙂 I think the pattern looks pretty without it filled in so I’m tempted not to but we shall see when I’ve finished the outlining. Its also most finished, just needs a few more leaves, boarder and then the outlining is done. 🙂

So I think I have two awesomely pretty projects going on at the moment. 😀 Hopefully I’ll finish both soon so I can show you all how pretty they turned out in a post. I’m actually looking forward to finishing them and showing them to you guys, perhaps this was the self motivation I needed to help me finish them quicker. xD

Thanks for reading 🙂

Emz xxx




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