Up late zzz

Hey 🙂

Wow its super late xD I was planing on writing a post today about cross stitching but sadly university work got in the way :S booooooo xD Third year there are no breaks even though you have hardly any lecture times. I have currently ten days off before my second term starts but that does not mean I’m free from uni work oh no sadly. 😦 Today I have been working on my dissertation and boy is it long and stressful, trying to work with a video coding program that I don’t know how to use and was only shown once how to use. But fear not after roughly ten hours later I managed to code all four of my videos, yes you read it right, I only had to code FOUR videos! And thats not the end of it but I won’t bore you with the details, my dissertation however is on contamination within a crime scene and how it can affect real life. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 🙂

Don’t worry though I shall be posting my original post about cross stitching soon, hopefully tomorrow when I’m back at Lincoln. I’m currently staying at my boyfriend’s and then I’m going home for my dad’s birthday on wednesday. So I am taking a small break from uni but sadly I have had to do some work while on my break. Don’t worry if this scares you or puts you off the idea of going to university, university can be a great place to be with great people and new and exciting experiences but the work load gets hyped when you’re in third year as it is your final year but I still find time to have fun and relax. 🙂 Don’t be scared to ask questions about uni if you’re thinking of going, I wish I had more people to talk to when I started the whole process, scary to think I’m a third year now.

So anyway hopefully uni work won’t get in the way again and I’ll get better at posting new and exciting things. xD

Emz xxx

P.S. Red pandas are my favourite animal! I love them! I think they are so cute and fluffy! I have a kigu of one. xD


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